Posted by: inuu1021 | November 29, 2011

Take a Dip into a Classical Love Triangle

Are you in need for a good read to talk about in your college interviews? The Age of Innocence is just the right kind of classical novel to read before going on to college.

The Age of Innocence, by Edith Wharton is a classic, first published in 1920. It is very old. The story is set in 1870s New York, and it revolves around people of the high-class society. The main male character is Newland Archer, who is engaged to May Welland. May is very pure, innocent, and does not speak her opinions, perfect to fit in to the high-class society in Old New York. However, Newland Archer, the main character, feels that something is missing in her. He wants her to be social, and expressing her opinions. Just when he started to feel unsatisfied with May, he meets scandalous Ellen Olenski, May’s cousin, and falls in love with her. The three characters I have mentioned, Newland, May and Ellen, all get involved in a love triangle, and the story ends with an ironic choice-making by Newland, the choice to either marry May as planned, or leave her for Ellen.

Through this novel, Edith Wharton criticizes the attitude and values of the high-class society of Old New York, and teaches us to reflect upon our character—whether we are acting the way we are because that is your true self, or because that is what is expected from society.


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