Posted by: dihs-1-F-12 hankyu4 | November 29, 2011

Sci-fi Full of Adventure

I like reading sci-fi books, and have enjoyed quite a lot, for example Isaac Asimov’s works. However, I found House of the Scorpion different from other SFs I had read. This book is about a clone named Matt, living in future Mexico (a country called Opium). Matt goes through many adventures and ordeals, and the environment around Matt changes a lot. It is very fun imagining what will happen to Matt next. One reason why it’s different from other SFs is that the social background is very realistic. In this book, many social problems occur, for example the problems of ‘eejits.’ Eejits are built computer chips inside their heads, their emotions are controlled, and are forced to work like slaves. This story talks about problems like this too, so it will let you think about the advantage and disadvantage of the development of science. Also, what I thought was so interesting were the characters. People around Matt basically hate Matt and look down on him because he’s a clone, but there are a few characters that are nice or is a friend of Matt. Especially, I like the character María, who is a very kind character. Even when Matt does bad things to María, she still forgives Matt and be nice to him. I am thinking that she’s the most kind character I have ever got to, and so, I’m sure that you will feel warm-hearted while and after reading. As you see in the picture, this book has received three big prizes, so the quality is guaranteed. Every people, especially people who like SF or adventures, just have to read this book. Once you start reading, I’m sure you’ll be taken to the world of Opium!


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