Posted by: a13x303 | November 29, 2011

Luck is Not What You Think it is

This book isn’t just about winning a quiz show, or how a young man survives in the dirty slum of India. It’s about how the world seems like there is no hope, but by trying and believing, and sometimes tricking yourself, you can live life happier than anyone else. Ram is the main character who has no family, lived his whole life as a lower class citizen, but eventually wins against all the things that tried to put him down and make him give up on life.

He enters as a player for the show “who wants to be a millionaire” and his life events luckily tell him what the answers are to the questions. Things looked as if nothing was wrong but of course, it doesn’t end like that. Nothing ends without going wrong in his life. The quiz show wasn’t an exception. He fights together with a woman he doesn’t know and she is about to change his life. His life is full of drama, suspense, love and romance, but most importantly, his life is full of hope.

To whoever reads this book, I’m sure it will encourage you no matter what kind of problems you have. It gives you a whole new idea how to see things when it seems like the world hates you. It’s a good book to read whenever you are depressed, and it’s one of those great books that change every time you read it!


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