Posted by: 3-E-8 | November 29, 2011

In Search for the Truth

Max the Mighty is the sequel to the book called Freak the Mighty. The protagonist of the book is a boy called Max who is a giant, and is taller and bigger than adults at the age of 14.Even though he looks like a giant, he has a really kind heart and never harmful and always stays out of danger. The story begins with him meeting a girl called Rachel, who is also called Worm, and Max rescues her from her dangerous stepfather also known as the You Know Who. Rachel desperately wants to go meet her real dad, to get some help, but he lives far from home. Max feels sorry for her and thought it was time for him to be brave and help her out, and the two of them go out heading to somewhere they don’t know, but they just had to follow their instincts.

Before meeting the girl, Max was really lonely and had a hole in his heart from the day his mother was killed by his own father, and also his best friend Freak passed away the year before. Max is always thinking that saving the girl from her evil father wasn’t what a coward like him should be doing. But as the story goes on, Rachel and Max start to open their hearts to each other and before one knows it, they start to have a strong bond in between them. Eventually, Max realizes that Rachel has something that would fill his loneliness from the past.

This book is a heartwarming adventure, and I think some of you may have read “Freak the Mighty” for English Literature classes overseas, so I think it is a good book to pick up and read. This book would remind yourself that life is full of surprising encounters, how precious your friends are to you and that they can be strong support just to be there beside you.


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