Posted by: takafofo | November 29, 2011

He struggled through Candy.

He struggled through Gym Candy. I bet you’re thinking 2 things already. ”Who is He?” and “How could somebody struggle with candy? It’s so addicting!” Well, He refers to Mick Johnson, the son of a retired NFL player. About candy, it is considered addicting because it’s sweet and it tastes good. Well, not “Gym Candy.” I’m talking about drugs. What do you think Gym Candy is? Gym Candy is a drug which most athletes may know, STEROIDS. STEROIDS CAN SCREW UP YOUR LIFE.

Steroids are also called anabolic steroids. What Anabolic Steroids do to your body is, grow body hair and deepen your voice. They also make the body to grow more muscle mass and strength, which is the effect why they are usually taken if non-medical use. The use of steroids of steroids is considered as doping and banned by sport organizations. They have side effects! Why doesn’t everyone use steroids? Because it can screw up your life. In this book, Mick has great talent, given from his father. His father was a NFL player but never played. Mick was feeling pressure from his father and from the people around him. He noticed he needed to become big in order to be a star player. By his father’s introduction to a gym called “Popeye’s Gym” They have steroids which made Mick very interested in. He used them and he became stronger and faster. He kept on using them. But, what was waiting was a gun pointed to his head…

This book is very, very easy to read and I recommend it to athletes. The author really goes into an athlete’s feelings.


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