Posted by: yusuke2 | November 29, 2011

Gerrard My Autobiography

I would like to introduce the autobiography which is written by Steven Gerrard.

Steven Gerrard is the hero for Kops , the fan for the Liverpool football club. He is the captain and the living legend for both Liverpool and England national team. He has been a Liverpool fan for whole his life and because of his commitment to the club everyone in the team support him. His best moment came when he won the Champions league and became the best in the world as a captain by winning against AC Milan. 

In this book Gerrard tells us the information which was not publicly disclosed such as his transfer speculation and he even criticize the player which he doesn`t like.He is a passionate person and I like the way he puts so much emotions and enthusiasm toward the game and also in practice. he is always determined to play football  and he never gives up whenever he had trouble. When he was a kid , the garden fork stuck on his feet and he was told by the doctor that he might not be able to play anymore. The operation was dangerous but he decided to take it because he did not want to give up on his dream to play for Liverpool. At the moment he is injured and we do not know when he is coming back. Some people say that he is going to retire due to this injury but I believe he will put incredible effort to get over the injury.

This book won the Galaxy British book award and this tells how amazing this book is. I think if you like or play football , you must read this book and if you do Gerrard will be your hero!






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