Posted by: rockyou2 | November 29, 2011

A Tortuous Game

“There is no place like home” as many of you say, but what if your home suddenly turns into a battlefield?
What if one day, your mother turns into the one who  starts to torture you?

For those who are living in an ordinary home sweet home, this story may be too intense. Although we need to face the fact that this story is autobiographical and there are many children who are abused in reality right this moment.

My first encounter with this book written by Dave Pelzer, “A Child Called It”, was in my fourth year of elementary school. I could not take my mind off this book, once I started reading it.

It  clearly describes how the protagonist faces obstacles in life mainly caused by his alcoholic mother’s abuse such as brutal violence and starvation which nearly left him dead. The  main character  Dave is no longer considered as a son, but a slave.  His name “Dave”,  never gets called by his one and only mother, after the “tortuous game”  started .

Instead, he is called “It”.

The main point of this book is not to show the cruelty of child abuse; although I do admit that it is the most important element. The main point  is about how people are capable of finding light and hope from the most miserable situation.

People are made to be loved. People are made to cooperate and take part in a family.

If you are struggling with family relationship with either your mother, your father or any other people who take part in your family, I am sure this book will remind you of how blessed you are to have a warm home and to have a family who cares about you with countless love.


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