Posted by: mayu827 | November 29, 2011

A story about choice

Cover of "If I Stay"

Cover of If I Stay

If you have to, which would you choose, to stay alive or to die?

I first met the book, If I Stay by Gayle Forman when my English teacher was introducing it in front of the class. I was interested in the story that a teenage girl hovers between life and death deciding whether she stays alive or die. This book tells us that life is a choice.

The main character is a teenage cello-player, Mia. One snowy morning, a track crashes into the car which Mia’s family are on when they are going for a drive.  Suddenly, she finds herself out of the body standing beside the crashed car, her dead parents and her bleeding body. She can just stare whatever happens around her body and her boyfriend, best-friend, and relatives feeling anxious and depressed. At the same time, a happy daily life flits across her mind. She realizes that she has to choose whether she stays alive or follows after her dead family.

The story is composed, by turns, with Mia watching her unconscious body and her grandparents, best-friend, and boyfriend surrounding it, and what happened in the past. How Mia met her boyfriend, Adam, the day when she and best-friend, Kim fought each other, what her parents taught her. Her precious and happy daily life with her family will never be coming back again. Through the book, Mia troubles with her feelings whether she wants to stay alive or not. And finally, what she decides is…

Until I read this book, I was hardly interested in reading English books. Whenever I read an English book, I lost my concentration and started to go asleep. However, If I Stay pulled me into the story as soon as I started reading the book. I recommend this book to anyone who likes a story about what a life is or love.


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