Posted by: kaho424 | November 28, 2011

When a cup of coffee can turn your life upside down

“When Starbucks saved my life”

This book has gotten so famous that this story was once introduced in Japan on Television.

This book is about Bill, an elite salesman working at a really elite business when suddenly he gets fired because of working salary. He lost his family, money, job and had nothing to do when fortunately he went to Starbucks with the last of his savings when he fortunately meets Crystal, a Starbuck’s worker. She finds and asks Bill if he wants to work in Starbucks. He doesn’t just find a job, he finds a working partner which he have never had, and what he have been missing out when he used to work in the Elite business couple months ago.

 Inside this book, you can see how Bill’s thinking has changed during this book. Not just that, you can read the scenes behind how the workers move when an order is made, and how Starbucks starts and ends every day.

Also, this book starts out as bill working in the business and being a really cold person. He didn’t really cared for his family and didn’t really care if he pushed all the hard work to his under-workers. When you realize, his personality really changes. When he started working at Starbucks, he was always in trouble because his thinking was still like the days of when he was working at a business company. Gradually he understood that his thinking was different than the other’s and changes.

It’s really a page-turner and very easy to read so I recommend this to anyone who is looking for a good book or just loves Starbucks!



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