Posted by: mokoma2 | November 28, 2011

What it feels like to have a “special” sister

How would you feel, if you had a sibling who couldn’t live without you?

My Sister’s Keeper, a novel written by Jodi Picoult, also well-known for its movie version, is one of the most moving books that I have ever read.

A girl called Anna has a sister called Kate who is diagnosed with leukemia. Anna is not the one who is sick but by the time she turned thirteen, she had gone through various surgeries, transfusions and shots to enable Kate to fight against her disease. One day, Anna decides to sue her parents for medical emancipation so that she would not have to donate her organ to Kate. I liked this book because the ending was unpredictable. I did not know how the book will end until the very last moment.

This book has a very unique structure. The author has used multiple narrators and they alternate by chapters. This is interesting not only because the narrators change, but also because each narrators speak in first person. This allows the readers to see how each characters are feeling with more reality.

“I don’t mind my disease killing me, but it’s killing my family too”

This is one of the most memorable quotes in the book for me. Through this book, you could understand how having an ill person in the family will affect not only the person him/herself, but people around him/her. This book made me think that I am not the only person who is responsible for my actions.


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