Posted by: 3-D-8 | November 28, 2011

What if you could change your future

     I would like to introduce a book called The Book of Tomorrow by Cecelia Ahern. The book is about a teenager named Tamara, who has always gotten everything she wanted, and has lived a perfect life. But after her father’s sudden suicide, she and her mother have moved into the countryside with Tamara’s uncle and aunt, Author and Rosaleen. For some reason, Rosaleen does not want Tamara outside the house very much, and Tamara is frustrated by her new life because she has almost no freedom.

     One day, Tamara has a visit from a man named Marcus, and his traveling library.In the traveling library, Tamara finds a mysterious book, that is completely blank. She decides to keep the book and use it as a diary. But when she opens the book to write her first entry, she finds in her own handwriting, an entry already written.  The biggest surprise is that the entry is dated for the next day. Finding it impossible, what is written in the book, actually occurs the next day. Tamara is very surprised by this, but starts to wonder if she can change her own history by not doing what is written in the entry. It works, and Tamara discovers that she can read her future, and also change it. And she starts to use this book to unravel mysterious things occurring around her.

     From this book, I really learned the importance of family, and protecting the ones you love. Also, being able to change your future may seem like a very good thing, and while reading the book, it made me think about what I would do if I had a book like Tamra. But after reading the book, I felt that there are things that are better off not being changed

     This book starts out with a very slow pace, and about Tamara just not being able to accept her new life. But as the story goes on, very mysterious things start to occur, and the story gets very interesting, and I was not able to stop reading. And in the end, Tamara learns very shocking secret about her family. I really enjoyed this book, and although it was fantasy, there were many parts where you can relate to because it was about  a teenager. I recommend this book to anyone who is feeling a little frustrated with their life like Tamara.



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