Posted by: sattoooon | November 28, 2011

Think About Death

Is it hard living? Do you want to die?

Orchards is free verse styled book written by Holly Thompson. The main character is Kana Goldberg, a half-Japanese and half-Jewish American girl. Her classmate, Ruth has committed suicide because Kana and her friends said thoughtless things to Ruth. To reflect what they did, the parents send Kana and the girls are to many places alone. For the summer, Kana is sent to her mother’s house in Japan. At there, surrounded by her relatives and orange trees, she wonders about who is responsible, and thinks what she did.

Bullying, suicide, and death. These are the main themes of  this book. This serious and heavy themes made me feel complicated reading it. However, Kana’s feelings were very pure and real, and she was trying to face it. While the story was going on, Kana was changing, and her changes were written in a steady pace. So, I could think about it with her, while I was reading the story.

My thoughts changed and changed, as Kana’s thoughts were changing, but at last, I realized how much people can hurt others and affect others easily. To prevent hurting others, you have to understand other’s feelings as if it’s yourself. Even though I am trying to do that, it won’t be enough if you really hurt them. Understanding is something you will always need. I need it too. Especially people like Ruth, the bullied girl need it the most. Kana also learns how death can affect people, and I learned it too.

In addition, there are some other themes and topics. Being biracial, Living in the foreign world, and family relationship. These problems were picked upped frequently, and these are important problems at this internationalized age. This book might tell us the important things to live through this period too.

Now days, it is hard to live. You may feel alone, and you may want to die.

Reading this book, your life might be a lot more easy.



  1. Thanks for reading Orchards! I loved the comment “My thoughts changed and changed, as Kana’s thoughts were changing….”

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