Posted by: rina527 | November 28, 2011

The times behind the bookshelf

“A Diary of a Young Girl”

This book is a diary written by a thirteen year old Jewish girl named Anne Frank. Her diary talks about her life while she was in hiding for two years during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands. She hid behind a bookshelf with her father, mother, sister, a man, boy and the boy’s parents. Anne and the boy falls in love and this becomes her first and last love. The only way they could get information was from the radio and this situation continued for two years. Although she had a very tough time while hiding, she lived a very positive life.  

 The book is written in diary forms so it was easy to read. By reading her diaries, it reminds you of the horrors of the war.  The level is pretty easy so I recommend it to everyone.


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