Posted by: playlaugh | November 28, 2011

The Places In Between

The Place In Between by Rory Stewart

2002 in Afghanistan, it was one of the most delicate times. Taliban, security service, and guns were everywhere. Through those dangerous risks, Rory Stewart, author of this book decided to cross Afghanistan on foot. He had already walked across Iran, Pakistan, India, and Nepal. He knew it would not go easy and as he started the journey, he was stopped by the security service. They let him continue the journey, but only with two men of the security service going with him. Rory was first confused, stressed, and tired of them. But along the way Rory meets heroes and rogues, tribal elders and teenage soldiers, Taliban commanders and foreign-aid workers. Through these encounters, Rory experiences different religion, standard, custom, humor, respect, food, value, and etc. He realizes Afghanistan as a country in different view.

I borrowed this book from my English teacher as an extra credit and he said it is interesting and easy to read. As he said, I enjoyed the book very much. I understood Afghanistan closer and more in detail. I hope someone would be interested and read it.


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