Posted by: tarot1224 | November 28, 2011

“The Island with Problems”

“Al Capone does my Shirt”

Have you ever read that book that starts with a plain starting? Then this is a perfect book that starts with a plain starting. This book was just not interesting. The story was unique. It isn`t a story that the main character gets a super power. It is just a plain main character saving his sister. But that makes the story very interesting.

The story takes in an island called “Alcatraz” in America in 1935, which is an island that prisoner lives. This place was full with prisons that were dangerous. His family was sent to the island because his father was a prison guard. Inside the island, there was a school for handicap people. The main character, moose, he had a sister that had an “Asperger syndrome” so his family had to move into the island. But after a while, the boss of the island`s daughter puts an eye to his sister and moose`s parents told him to save any problem that might include his sister. Moose fights against the problem by himself.

The most dangerous prison was “Al Capone”. The prisoners had to wash all the clothes that the prison guard and their family wear. But moose`s family wasn`t sure if Al Capone really washed their clothes. Moose tries to find it out and finds Al Capone doesn`t wash them. He talks to him about what to do. But Al Capone doesn`t listen to him.

While he protects his sister from problems, he finds that the bullies are trying to tease her. Moose fights against the bullies and wins. The parents said that they were lucky that his sister doesn`t have any injury. He felt that his parents doesn`t care   him so much than his sister and felt a little bite sad.

As time pass, Al Capone`s felling changes. First, he wasn`t really listening. But as he talks to him, his thoughts got cleaner and started to think for others. And in the last, Al Capone finally washes the clothes.

The part I like the most is the last part. I felt a good relationship and friend ship between both of them. I learned that once people get a bad thought, or bad experience, it is hard to make it back to a clean mind. But I also learned that a good friendship or a relationship can easily make the mind clean.

This book isn`t that hard and easy to understand the story. I`m really happy that I had a chance to read this book. From this book we can learn lots of thing so it should be very interesting. I mostly recommend to people who like a unique story. Why don’t you try it out?


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