Posted by: D-baseball | November 28, 2011

The Big Field


Is there anyone who is ready to play baseball with Hutch the great baseball player who plays in the Boynton Beach Post 226 Cardinals? I would like to introduce the book called The Big Field written by Mike Lupica. I would like everyone to read this book, but I want people who play baseball to read this book absolutely. It is because Hutch who is the main character of this story plays little league baseball, so I think the readers will have some similar experiences in their life.

The story is about Hutch who used to play shortstop in his team and Darryl who was the one pushed Hutch to second baseman, because he was better than him. Hutch didn’t like him not because he took his position, but he didn’t like him, because he didn’t try to cooperate with his teammates and he keeps doing whatever he likes. Coach never got angry at him, because he was such a great baseball player, and so Hutch felt anger inside him. He tried to keep his anger inside of him, but when he saw Darryl and Hutch’s father who used to be a great baseball player playing baseball together, he couldn’t tolerate anymore. It was because Hutch liked his father very much and he wanted to play baseball together, but his father always didn’t care about him and ignored his request. If you want to know what happened to Hutch after he saw this scene, then I recommend you to read this book. Because I guarantee you that you will learn strong and heartwarming bonds of father and his son. And also what is the real teamwork.

I don’t like to read books that much, but this book was interesting and it was easy, so I think anyone can enjoy reading this book.


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