Posted by: dihsyama | November 28, 2011


I always spend an enjoyable time reading spy novels and this book is my favorite novel. This book is the first book of the CHERUB series. It is called The Recruit.

The main character of the book is an eleven year old kid called James who gets sent to a children’s house called Nebraska house because his mother died. There he shares a room with a CHERUB agent who recruited him call Kyle. While James lives in the Nebraska Lauren who is a sister of James is taken to live with her father Ron. After James waking up the next day he himself on the CHERUB campus, there a chairman, Dr McAfferty often called ‘Mac’ introduces what CHERUB do and James were forced to take a series of entrance tests. Successfully James passes the test and is admitted into CHERUB. In order to start going on missions all agents must complete Basic Training. During this James meets Kerry with whom he has a strong friendship.

 This book is mostly adventure based so I think boys are able to enjoy reading it, but there are lots of female character appearing in this book so I think girls can enjoy it too.

I recommend this book to everyone because the English is not that hard and I think everyone can be capable of reading it. The creative idea will make your mind blow. Once you start reading this book you cannot get out of this creative world and when you go out in the cities in the real world you will get afraid of children for being a spy.


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