Posted by: w0ah3 | November 28, 2011

One woman’s bravery to diminish modern slavery

The depressed eyes printed on the front cover with black background took my attention and I started to read this nonfiction noble, “Sold”. It is written by Zana Muhsen who has experienced modern slavery when she was only fifteen years old.

Zana was born between her British mother and Yemeni father. She had a younger sister and they were enjoying their great life in England. One summer, their Yemeni father asks them if they wish to visit Yemen, his home for vacation. Zana and her sister Nadia jumped at the chance. However their interests and happiness turn into nightmares when they were told from their father’s friend that they had been sold by their father into illegal marriages. Their normal lives as British girls diminished and they suddenly had to endure beatings, rape and childbirth. There was no life line running and strong discrimination still remains in Yemen. Once they stepped into the land of Yemen, they were prisoners of freedom.

This noble, “Sold” is narrated by Zana and the way she writes is easy to understand how Yemen is like even though I have never been there before. Therefore as I flip pages, I could picture their life in my head. I promise you that these pictures on your mind will never fade away and what you can learn from Zana will remain in your heart for the rest of your life.

Have you ever thought that human traffic and strict predominance of men over women still exist in the world? A father selling his own daughter against her will to gain money and power is not a page of history but it is happening right now. Lives are priceless and human have the intention. The fact of modern slavery cannot be neglected so take an adventure with a strong woman Zana, who did not give up her life to learn more about modern slavery. She published her book to tell the fact of modern slavery but also wishing to use it as a tool of getting her sister Nadia out of Yemen. By now Nadia is mothering around 6 children with her Arab husband, Mohammed. Each of us have only small power but more understanding to human traffic can change one woman’s life so flip a few pages and start taking an adventure with Zana.

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