Posted by: yusuke0314 | November 28, 2011

Not a single coincidence..

Who can imagine what the end of the world would be like? I would say people rarely can, but this world might end while we are alive or might be destroyed by ourselves, human beings. Because nuclear weapons, atomic bombs that we now possess have enough force to do so. As John Lennon wrote in his song, “This world may not have many years.”

Cat’s Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut was the first science fiction that touched me. The main character is called John, a journalist, and the story is written in a way that a strange experience he had in San Lorenzo, a country of liberty. A long time ago, John started writing a book about Felix Hoenikker, a father of the atomic bombs dropped in Hiroshima who had been already dead at that time. But the process of writing the book led him to meet the day the world ended caused by Ice-Nine that Felix had invented. Ice-Nine is a tiny bead that freezes everything it touched to death under certain humidity and temperature. Whether it’s humorous or ironic, this experience was why he converted from the Christianity to the religion of Bokonon, a religion which Vonnegut made up in this book. The day the world ended was also the day John ended up having a strong faith, everything was supposed to happen.

The religious thoughts conveyed from this book are so strong, steady, and invincible. Does our life turn out to be good or bad it is supposed or made to go on this way.


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