Posted by: dihsnachi7 | November 28, 2011

more strength more wins

I read a book called Winning Ugly. This book is about Tennis and how to get stronger mentally. I have read many sports books in Japanese, but reading them in English made me think about it deeper. What I mean by this is that Japanese books do not interest me when it comes to sports. I think English can describe things more clearly and deeply in many different sports books.

              This book contains many comments and opinions of Brad Gilbert. For example he talks about Andy Murray getting mad during a match, and he says it’s OK to get mad, but you must refresh your mind by the next point. I would like to read more about mental strength in tennis and use that skill in real matches. Andre Agassi, a famous number one tennis player at the time, is known for being the best in the world at the mental game of tennis. I would like to have a mental strength like him as well.

              Brad Gilbert, an author of this book, was also a tennis player. He knew about mental strength more than any player in the world. But his skills were not high enough and even if he knew about it, he could not show the skill as much as he wanted. He has lost to Jimmy Connors couple times in many leagues, and Brad knows why. I think I’m more of his kind of person other than being a pro. I get nervous really bad and miss a shot many times when I’m losing. Now, Brad Gilbert is known for coaching a player and for being a commentator for ESPN.

              I would recommend this book for people who play tennis and want to get better at it. On the other hand, if you don’t know tennis, you will probably don’t understand most of this book. I liked it because I play tennis and wanting to get better and win matches. It contains many messages from the author so you should read it for fun also.


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