Posted by: yaki2 | November 28, 2011

Learn a lesson from an antique shop

How would you feel if you were influenced by a made up story, making you buy something expensive? Would you consider that as an act of crime, or, a gifted auctioneer? Sometimes, lying is used as a tool. This book, “A Pack of Lies” has great potential to entertain you with a ‘pack of lies’.

This uniquely constructed story is made up of many stories that are woven into one unexpected twist at the end. It revolves around items that are sold at an antique shop. The shop is on its last legs until a mysterious man, MCC Berkshire, receives a job there. MCC is invited by Ailsa who is the daughter of the woman whom manages the shop. The items in the shop go flying out once MCC starts to demonstrate his ability as an apt salesman, resulting as incredibly high-priced sales. MCC persuades each customer with a story relating to the item he is about to sell. Each story reflects different aspects of emotions that reside in human beings, having a moral lesson in each of it for the customers as well as the readers. An unexpected conclusion waits ahead of these fascinating stories. Who exactly is MCC Berkshire?

While reading this book, it may seem like a book of many separate stories that are randomly put together, but at the end you will be amazed by how cleverly each puzzle piece fits into one another, creating an intelligent work of literacy. It is an enjoyable and appealing piece of work for a wide age range. I recommend this to all young adults and adults, boys and girls alike. The lessons MCC teaches us are related to each and every one of our daily lives, therefore it may be a good chance for you to be able to rethink about your own emotional feelings in a variety of fields and the consequences you may come across. At the same time, it will take you into a world of mystery, sometimes horror, crime, romance and adventure as well.

The catchy beginning will immediately pull you into the story and readers will definitely be finished in no time at all, where  each will face an unpredicted ending.


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