Posted by: southhighbaseball | November 28, 2011

Just Read It!!


Do you like video games? Such as Call of Duty, Halo, or even Counter Strike is what I’m talking about. One of the greatest series of books by Suzanne Collins, called The Hunger Games is a fabulous adventurous book that can teach us many lessons.

The book is about a teenage girl named Katniss fighting for her life. Every year, there is a traditional event called “the Hunger Games”. From the thirteen districts, two teenagers; one boy and a girl are chosen from each districts, with the total of 26 teenagers are entering the ultimate survival game. There is only one winner so the possibility of winning the game is only 1/26. At first, Katniss’ sister was chose as the representatives, but Katniss knew that once you entered the games, coming back to their house, alive was almost impossible. She decides to sacrifice herself instead of her sister.

For those of you who may not enjoy reading books can definitely still be able to be entertained by this book. Also there will be a movie coming up soon, so it might be a good idea if you watch the movie first, or if you are not you very comfortable with reading English books, there is also the Japanese print of it. However the level of the book is fairly easy, and once you start reading, there is no way you can stop. This is how enjoyable it is.


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