Posted by: taiki16 | November 28, 2011

Going through weird tunnels

Pendragon by D.J. Machale. A 12-year-old normal boy named Bob Pendragon was living a normal life until one day when his uncle came and asked for his help. He doesn’t know much about uncle and all he is that he brings weird things to his birthday, but he decides to go with him. After a long ride on a motorcycle, he was taken to an abandoned subway station. This is how everything starts.

The storyline is really orthodox. A boy going to another dimension, then save the world and happily ever after. Most of the books end there but this one it’s a series. So the story doesn’t end there and  it continues to the next book with another problem. I strongly recommend this book because it’s easy read and fast paced. Also because every two or three chapters the narrator of the story changes. Bob is the narrator and then the next chapter it’s his friend on earth. So it feels like reading two different stories.  The author sometimes keeps the reader hanging by changing the narrator when something dramatic happens.  That’s also the  good part of this book.

If you want to know the rest then you should read the book now.


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