Posted by: konominkirarin | November 28, 2011

eagerness of a girl during the time of Holocaust

The Book Thief  is a book that has the ability to change the readers’ way of thoughts against reading and learning.

The setting is in the time period of the Holocaust, and the story begins where the main character, Liesel, is on her way to her foster home. She was with her mother and brother on the train, but her brother suddenly dies. At his funeral, Liesel picks up a booklet, and that is the beginning of her interest against reading. Then, at Liesel’s foster home, she learns how to read from her foster father, Hans. He tries to get her new books to read but they were too poor to often get one. That is the reason Liesel started stealing books from anywhere she can. She loved to read too much, she could not stand not having anything to read. Days go by peacefully, but one day, Hans brought a Jewish man to protect in their house. It brings many changes in Liesel’s life, both good and bad. You can never imagine how the story ends, and there are many events that do not make you bored.

I think that the setting is really interesting, and even if you don’t like books about Holocaust, this book is not mainly based on the historical events, so it should be readable. What is amazing about this book is that the characters are real and they are never compromise with the life they are living. They are always doing their best, and I was attracted by them. Also, every event in the story is making Liesel grow stronger, but her original character never changes. I think she is the kind of character who you cannot dislike.

The narrator of the story is somebody who no one would have ever imagined. It is told by the point of view of “death”. It may sound like the story itself has some kind of a horror in it, but actually it is the opposite. “Death” tells the story with the point of view that reminds you of somebody who has a warm heart, even though “death” should not have any feelings. The last sentence of the book grabbed my heart, and I think that there is no better ending than the way it did.

This book is just perfect for people who like to read historical fiction, but I personally believe that anyone would love this book.


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