Posted by: Ruinsymphony | November 28, 2011

Call of a King

In a world where humans live side by side with satyrs, centaurs, dwarves, dryads, griffins, and wolves, a king will rise from his long sleep. His name “Silverlance”. 

I will introduce a book called “Silverlance”. I got this book for a birthday present from my mother. I first was shocked when I knew that my birthday present was a book, but after reading through few pages, I found myself in a totally different world. Here is my introduction of the book.

When a new star appears, Byron Thorn, a satyr starts to follow it mainly because of the stars unknowing pull and partly because of the legends about Silverlance. Silverlance was king to the lands for many years, but disappeared long ago and now became only a legend. In the legends it is said that a new star will herald a new age, and Silverlance will return. Byron starts out on his adventure to find Silverlance making allies and enemies. His quest begins.

As you can see from my introduction, this book is filled with magic and fantasy. I think the closest image that you can hold is “The Chronicles of Narnia”. So to people who just love fantasy and stuff which is out of your greatest imagination, this book will be perfect.

Although the level is not high, I think that you can enjoy this book enough if you like fantasy adventure.


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