Posted by: cosmo109 | November 28, 2011

Becoming an Apprentice

I would like to introduce  Ranger’s Apprentice The Ruins of Gorlan by John Flanagan.

I like to read fantasy books, but this book is a little different from the other fantasy books I’ve read. The characters don’t have superpower and they can’t use magic too.

The story takes place in a fictional world based on medieval times. In this world the children are expected to become an apprentice of one of the masters when they turn 15. The main character, Will, chooses to go to the Battle school, but the master tells him that he is too small and weak to become a soldier. Will become apprenticed to a man named Halt.

Ranger is like a spy, and people almost never sees them. They are said to use magical powers to make themselves unseen. But , the Ranger’s are not able to use magic and they are just really good at hiding and knows the way to be not seen. They also specializes in attacking from long-range like bows and knife throwing. The story is about Will training as an apprentice  to become a Ranger  and the story after becoming a Ranger.

What I thought that was really great about this book is that it’s fantasy and not real, but it’s more realistic than magic and superpowers. The ways Ranger’s hide and fight seems possible. It’s also really fun reading this book because the descriptions are really accurate and you can imagine the view and the fights easily.

The story also lets you think about friendship and family. Will has many friends that he cares of and cares about him. They help each other when they need help and makes you want true friends like that. Halt, who is his master is also like a father and teaches him many things an loves him a lot.

The series has 10 books and i haven’t read them all yet but I plan to read it all.


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