Posted by: kozzzuka | November 28, 2011

A shocking true story that grabs your heart

Have you ever heard about the Rwandan holocaust?

The New York Times bestseller, Left To Tell is written by Immaculee Ilibagiza. This is a memoir about a girl who have fortunately survived the genocide that had occurred 18 years ago. Immaculee, a Tutsi, was the daughter of a wealthy family, and have lived happily until the year of 1994, when the president of Rwanda, who was a Hutu had ordered his citizens to eliminate the race of Tutsis. It took three months to eliminate the whole Tutsi race, and during that time, she had hidden inside a small bathroom with other seven people.

This is an inspiring story about a courageous young woman, who had believed in God and had learnt about forgiving others during her time of severe suffering. By reading Left To Tell, you will be inspired by her inner strength and her love and trust towards God. During our lives, we all confront with difficulties that we think that are unable to overcome. However, by reading her story, it tells us that there is not one thing we human beings are unable to confront. For people who are struggling right now, I hope you read this book and truly understand that there is always a light even in the darkness.


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