Posted by: anna1019 | November 26, 2011

Many thing change when you grow… How about friendship?

 3 Willows –the sisterhood grows- written by Ann Brashares, is a great story about three girls who met each other on the first day of third grade, and decided to plant their willow tree that was given at science class. They used to look after the tree quite often, but it didn’t last long. As they grow, many changes happened to Jo, Ama and Polly. They had changes that involved deeply to their life, like family problems. They started to have their own way, and these occurrences changed their friendships too…

 The story is mainly about their last summer before high school. All three girls spend their summer differently, and each of them encountered troubles, problems and worries. They even got hurt, but all of them recovered, and had a correct result at the end. They all grew up again in this summer, by learning from their new unexpected events. My most surprising character that changed a lot in the book was Ama. It was amazing when the non outdoorsy girl succeeded her scholarship on camping.   

 I really liked this book because it made me realize the importance of friendship, and made me think about what friends are. In my opinion, I think “real” friends are people who are really close to you, not as your family, but closer than just a friend. I cannot live without any real friends, and I can imagine that I will feel empty, and will have something messing in myself when I hang out with fake friends. So I felt relief when Jo realized that genuine friends are more important than popularity.

 I also enjoyed this book, because the character of the Sisterhood appeared in the book a few times. It was really interesting to compare this book and the Sisterhood books. I recommend this book to any people, and I think you still can enjoy it if you haven’t read the Sisterhood. If you read the Sisterhood, then you should read the new sisterhood story!


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