Posted by: miconan72 | November 25, 2011

Which Side Are You On?

              Are you bored with those books that all the characters in it are all too innocent? Well, you can solve your problem with this book. It is called “Among the Betrayed” by Margaret Peterson Haddix. This is the sixth book in the Shadow Among the EnemyChildren series. The reason why I’m introducing a sixth book in the series instead of the first book is because I haven’t read the first book! I know, it sounds dumb reading a series from the back but you can still understand the story even if you read it from the middle of the story.

              In this book, the government doesn’t permit third children in the family. So if a couple birth two children before the third one, they either have to give it to the Population Police, it is a police that makes sure no third children are in the family, or hide them from the Population Police or throw him/her away to a house that hides third child. The main character in this book, Matthias, is a third child. He was staying in this school as a child that isn’t a third child with his two other friends who are like siblings to him. Well one day, the government suddenly changed and the new leader wanted the children to work for them so they would have a reason to eat food. Matthias and his friends couldn’t go to this kind of place because if they do, they would be asked for I.Ds and it would prove that they are illegal third children. So they tried to escape during the ride to the facility which caused an accident that made both of his friend hurt. Now, he had to run away and save his friends’ lives anyway he can, even if that means that he would have to work for his enemy that always tried to catch him…

              This book is full of mystery and action. It is also not that difficult to read so I think it would be a fun read to most people. As I said in the beginning, not all characters in this book are telling the truth. So watch out because the character that you trust the most might be dangerous!


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