Posted by: rinaharu | November 25, 2011

What’s your DESIRE?

I would like to introduce a Pulitzer-prize winning book called A Street Car Named Desire by Tennessee Williams. This book might be a little different from what you usually read… it’s a play. This style of writing not only makes the story clearer by each scene having an explanation of the setting, but you can feel EACH of the characters’ deep emotion since the story itself is not narrated by anyone. You can understand the story by the characters’ conversation which might be a new thing you.

The main character of the book is Blanche Dubois, a thirty year old women who has been an English teacher but gets fired for having an affair with one of her students. She loses her home in Belle Reve so she comes to live with her younger sister Stella Kowalski and her husband Stanley Kowalski. Stanley instantly HATES Blanche and her social condescension and treats her horribly. As the story goes on, Blanche’s dirty side is revealed and the relationship between the characters get more complicated which attracts the reader to keep on reading.    
Since this is a modern-classical book, you might be less motivated to read(I was too) but it actually was very dramatic and entertaining to read. This book isn’t a happy book… it describes humans’ ugly desires and the complexity of human emotions.The ending of the book was very shocking… and it makes you wonder about your desires… so please try reading!!!

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