Posted by: cougar18y | November 25, 2011

Traditional Shakespeare Play

Do you enjoy reading plays?

Romeo and Juliet is probably the most popular play written by the world’s famous play writer, William Shakespeare. Most plays Shakespeare wrote were made interesting by having unique characters and settings that pull the readers in to its world.

This play Romeo and Juliet starts out with a young man, Romeo getting disappointed in love. Romeo with his broken heart goes to a party held by the Capulets. Since the Capulets family and Romeo’s family, the Montagues have a huge hatred between them, Romeo doubts that he would not find a person to treat his broken heart. However, at the party Romeo falls in love with Juliet, who happens to be a daughter of the Capulets. Their secret love keeps getting bigger, and at the end of the play…


To find out the ending, I recommend you actually read it yourself.

Overall, it was a good play, and I would like to recommend it to everyone who read this book recommendation I am writing here.


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