Posted by: ykatano1218 | November 25, 2011

The Maniac Running Boy!!

Have you ever gotten tired of reading hard and challenging books?? You should take a break from books that has 500 pages and tiny, tiny worlds and read the book Maniac Magee. This book is written by Jerry Spinelli and it is very good to read to relax and have fun. If English is your second language and forgetting your English like I am, it is very good to freshen it up.

 This book is about a kid who is very strange and a Maniac. His name is Jeffery Magee and he lives with his aunt and uncle but those two hate each other. His aunt and uncle never talk to each other even during dinner time. Jeffery gets tired of his aunt and uncle fighting everyday so Jeffery decides to run away from home. After he runs away he meets a lot of people and gets the nickname “Maniac Magee” While running away and trying to find a new place to live he does a lot of things to get the nick name like amazing athletic ability and a funny characteristic, being allergic to pizza. He also saves a kid from Finsterwald’s back yard which is a place you really don’t want to go, hits a home run from the pitcher from the little league, and he also teaches his best friend Earl Grayson, a zoo keeper, how to read. Everything is funny in this book and I bet you won’t stop laughing.

 I think this is a great book to read because this book is very funny and hilarious. It is really easy so you don’t get tired of reading this book. I will guaranty that you will like the book Maniac Magee.


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