Posted by: tomo | November 25, 2011

Team against Racism

Permian Panthers is a high school football team that only has black player. Their hometown, Odessa, was once a great town of American Football. But now, because of the racism against black people, they were forced to play in black league. None black teams are allowed to play against white team.

Permian Panthers had a good chance of winning the championship before the league changes. They fight against racism. Many problems have beaten them down. But they kept fighting for a change.

I will introduce this book Friday Night Lights. I recommends this book to anyone. It requires a lot of knowledge of football, but it also tells about “Ugly Racism” that actually happened in 1980s. It might be little difficult for people who reads a football book for the first time, but if you once get into it, it will be an enjoyable book to read.


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