Posted by: ChiakiTulio | November 24, 2011

The Importance Of Culture

The book I am going to introduce was one of the favorite books I have read. The book is called The Whale Rider, written by Witi Ihimaera. I had to read this book for my English class in my previous school. Whenever I receive a book to read in an English class, I never do. I always go on Spark Notes and get a brief idea of what the book is about. However, for this book The Whale Rider, I actually read the whole book, and enjoyed reading it. I recommend this book to people who gets bored reading, struggling finding a new book, and to whoever hates reading. Just try it, and you will enjoy it.

The story is set in New Zealand, and the main character is girl named Paikea. Paikea is the grand-daughter of the chief who leads a tribe in New Zealand. In this tribe, it is believed that only males can become the leader. However, despite the fact that only males can become the leader,  Paikea wants to become the leader to impress his grand father, and to form a better tribe.

Whales takes a big roll in this story, as the book is titled Whale Rider. To become a leader in this tribe, he/she has to be able to communicate with the whales, and Paikea does in the end of the story. She proves that she is capable of becoming a leader.

There is also a movie for this book.


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