Posted by: ai | November 21, 2011

Religion and Science

   The Da Vinci Code is very famous as the previous book of Angels and Demons by Dan Brown, though I personally enjoyed reading Angels and Demons more. The speed of the changing scenes and actions do not change from the Da Vinci Code and the mass of twists and hints hidden in the whole plot make you never bored.

   Robert Langdon suddenly summoned to figure out the symbol on a dead man’s chest. After finding out that the symbol is the work by a scientific group long-lost in the past, which is the enemy of the Catholic Church. Robert starts to run about Rome and stop the continuous murders with the daughter of the dead man, Vittoria Vetra, and starts to find out the real reason of the murders.

   Religion and science has continued the conflict for centuries and the story of Angels and Demons shows the conflict in the past and in the present. Both of the fields have difficulties to understand but Langdon and Vittoria explain to each other, each key words or history related to the plot. So your information of both fields will be deepened after you have read this book. Also, the story makes you think how religion and science should coexist when there are many collisions between their ideas.

   Angels and Demons is one of my best mystery books, and recommend to people who are looking for a mystery that will not lose your interest.


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