Posted by: Mineey | November 18, 2011

Hell is revealed…

Have you ever felt like you are in hell and nobody else is having a life worse than you?

Then, you are wrong.

Try Lord Loss by Darren Shan and think that question again.

For people who does hate reading books, or for those who sometimes wish that reading books will be fast and as fun as watching a film, then this is a perfect book for you!

And of course, for those who loves to read will enjoy it too! 

Since this book is very easy to read, and it is really fast paced book.

In this book, every character has a sad past and future that they have to face.

So this book will give you a great strength to be positive and gives you the power when you are in need.

The story is mainly about saving the loving ones at first, but it sooner leads into saving the earth and the humans.

This book is full of human relationships, emotions, mystery, action, adventures, life, demons and magic, telling us that anything is possible and included in Darren’s world!

Darren’s world is always big scaled like a Hollywood movies and that is the reason why his books always make a huge success.

The Times commented this book “Utterly Unputdownable.”



  1. I have read the book and the whole series! Even though most of the characters have a sad past and a future with many difficulties, I like how they struggle hard to survive. It’s not an entirely happy story, but I enjoyed it very much.

  2. Wow, Koji! This has only been up a few hours and you already replied! Thanks!
    I think a lot of people know _Cirque de Freak_, but this new series is not as well known yet. I am glad you took the time to share your views of it. Hopefully it will encourage more people to try the book!
    Thanks again!

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