Posted by: yu0527 | November 18, 2011

Do you know what true “love” is?

I believe that this was the best historical fiction book I have read. It makes us think about what true “love” is.

Goodnight Mister Tom by Michelle Magorian is set in England during the WWⅡ. Willie Beech evacuates to the countryside to avoid the Blitz (Air raids in Britain). It was obvious that he was often abused by his religious single mother. He has difficulty settling into the village. However, a kind but gruff old man, Mr. Tom, takes him in and they start living together. Willie gradually opens his heart, and starts to forget his past to live happily. One day, a telegram comes. His mother is sick, so Willie hurries back to London, thinking that he will be able to care for her. Mr. Tom waits to hear from him since his departure but nothing comes, so after few weeks, Mr. Tom decides to go to London….

     The bond between Mr. Tom and Willie is very strong. I saw the movie first, during a history lesson in London. However I thought that the book was better because I was able to see the minor and the major changes Willie and Mr. Tom went through while the both of them grew up. Willie started to understand what real love is, and Mr. Tom was able to become more relaxed, ever since his wife and son died. Also, the story’s background shows the differences in daily life in the British cities and the countryside during WWⅡ.

     This is definitely my all-time favourite book and is for young adults. I recommend it to everyone who is around high-school age.


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