Posted by: sakuramaria | February 18, 2011

Living in a Dreamland


                        What would it be like living in a Dreamland?

Dreamland by Sarah Dessen! A book about a girl who can’t get back to reality because of her boyfriend who makes her feel like she’s living in a dream. You should definitely read this book because it talks about broken relationships and family problems that could possibly be related by a person. If you like books about a teenage life this is the book for you! This book also talks about cheerleading so young girls who like cheerleading stories this would be a good story to read. Dreamland also could be good for people who would like to read in someone’s point of view, and read what it’s like for a person to be beaten and mistreated.

 Tags: cheerleading, breakup, relationships, family problems, Sarah Dessen

Genre: realistic fiction



  1. I thought this book sound interesting. I usually don’t read books about high school life and prefer to read suspence, I would want to try and read a new genre like romance. Even though I don’t have the knowledge about cheerleading, would I be able to enjoy reading this book? I have heard about this author but I haven’t been able to check it, I would like to read this book when I have time.

  2. I don’t usally read this kind of teenage life story book, but after reading this blog I got very interested to this book “Dreamland”. The realationships with family and friends are always hard in real life too. I would like to read someone’s realationships in someone’s point view, and learn how other teenage people like me think and how they get affected by various relationships.

  3. I have a strong interest in this book, because I am a teenager like the main character in this book. I am assuming that it is really easy to understand the feelings and thoughts of the main character.
    As a high school student, sometimes I think about my friends or family. I think relationships are something that are most important in our lives, and thus we have to think about them deeply. I want to try this book soon, because I thought that a book with a theme like this is uncommon, and also the story itself looks good.
    Also, because I am a boy, I do not know how girls act and think. However, it is also an important thing to understand about someone who is different from myself. Just enjoying the story itself, thinking about relationships, and finally, understanding about people who are different from me is what I would like to get out of reading it. This book looks just suitable for me.

  4. I thought this story is very interesting. I wonder how the author discribes the main character being stuck in the dream. I would like to try reading it.

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