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A Romantic Story with an Unlikely Twist

James Patterson is a bestselling thriller novel author, but in this book, Sunday at Tiffany’s, the reader discovers a whole new style of his writing. The protagonist, Jane Margaux parts ways with her imaginary friend Michael when she turns nine, only to meet him again twenty years later. They soon start dating, but there is one major problem; Michael is not real.
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Because of the creativeness of the plot that is built-in this story and the immense popularity that this book was receiving, Lifetime Television decided to create a movie based on the story, with the same title. The movie was released late in 2010.

An interesting element of this book, is that the narrator keeps switching between Michael and Jane. This allows the reader to explore both minds of the two protagonists, and gets the full image of the relationship.  This is vital towards understanding the real problem that the relationship is facing, and keeps the reader on their toes the whole ride. The technique of having two narrator is also a page-turner for readers, as the readers are desperate to find out how Jane and Michael really feel about each other.

What this book has, that makes it different from all the other cliché love novels, is that it gives an insight on a dream every child had at least once in their lifetime; an imaginary friend becoming real. Patterson, with the help of author Gabrielle Charbonnet, writes in brilliant detail of the special relationship that Jane and Michael have.

The reader is constantly turning the page to find out how this complicated love problem between an imaginary friend and a real life human being works. This book is recommended to all readers, especially readers who enjoy James Patterson books, as it offers a break from his fast-paced thriller pieces. What makes this book capable for all readers, is that it has both a female and a male writer writing it. This allows the book to have all the ingredients on what both a boy and a girl look for in a perfect relationship. A must read for all romantic fiction fans as well.



  1. Hey! I’ve read this book before and I enjoyed it very much. It sounds like you did too and I’m glad you liked it. 😉
    I especially liked where Michael suffers a heart attack from all the junk he ate as an imaginary friend. While it as shocking and sad at first, when you think back on it it’s REALLY funny how all the calories he ignored came back to him.
    While I usually consider typical romance novels to be cheap and sappy, I actually liked reading this dreamy love story. Maybe its because the idea of falling in love with a childhood imaginary friend isn’t really “cheap” and actually an interesting break from other romance novels that I often see on booklists.

    Have you read the novella “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”? I haven’t, but since the book’s title is an obvious shout-out to it, I think I will give it a try someday.

  2. I think this book would be a good to read because this is just not like any other romance novel because of the fact that Micheal does not exist. It interests me that the novel is narrated by the two protagonists and what they see through their eyes. Does this mean that Jane is imagining the parts narrated by Micheal? I have read a book before written with this kind of element and I agree that these types of novels are really page-turners! I’ve never read any of James Patterson’s books, so I would also like to try reading some of his other novels.

  3. Nice description! This has definitely made me intrigued by the world of this book. I would love to watch the movie as well.

  4. I have heard of the title of this book before, but never read it.
    Looking at your post, it made me want to read the book, so I will read it sometime.

  5. I was interested in this book. One reason is because my mother likes James Patterson and I saw this book once in my house. Also I was interested in the setting and that one of the characters is imaginary. I have never had an imaginary friend, but I think everyone one has their own ideal figure. I think I will try reading it next time.

  6.      When I first read this summary of the book. I thought it was really funny because I never had or thought of an imaginary friend in my life. I think this book will be an intersting page-turner for me to understand and know how a person acts and talks in front of an imaginary friend. Plus reading this summary, for Jane, it’s not just an imaginary friend; it’s a boyfriend for her. What I think is that a person who has an imaginary friend/boyfriend is just feeling lonesome and forlorn. I really want to read this book when I have the chance, and tell other people about it, too.

  7. Hello, I read your wonderful review about Sundays at Tiffany’s. I’ve heard of the movie because it is so famous, casting Audrey Hepburn as the heroine of this story. Since I’ve only heard of the title and never new that there was a novel as the original, I was really interested.
    I’ve dreamed of an imaginary friend being real as a small child too, and when I read your review I remembered back the days I played in childhood. If I were Jane, I will never think of falling in love with your imaginary friend from childhood, but I think it will be romantic if it occurred in a love story like this.
    I was really interested in reading this book, and thank you for your wonderful review!

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