Posted by: kyama35 | February 17, 2011

A Book to Inspire

Do you enjoy playing sports?

If you do, then this an amazing book that would definitely inspire you. The Blindside by Michael Lewis is a true story about one African-American high school student, Michael Oher. He has a difficult time living without his parents that left him at a young age. However, he meets with a wonderful family that treats him just like a family member regardless of his race.Image and video hosting by TinyPic

First, there are many conflicts that Michael encounters, but he is able to become successful with the assist from his new family. In his journey, there are many obstacles, achievements, and breakdowns, but he manages to overcome those hurdles and become a wonderful football player.

 Even if you don’t enjoy reading books, this book would surely hearten teenage readers, and will remind people on how lucky they are to be able to live their lives with so many opportunities.



  1. I knew about this book from book talk that my friend did in class, and I was really into my friend’s speech.

    I’m interested about his life as a football player, because I also play American Football on the team at school. I wondered what a professional player thinks and acts like while he is practicing and playing on the field.

    Also, I’m interested in his life before he became famous as a player. I wonder how he pulled himself up from the miserable situation he was in. From reading this book I might able to learn new ways to live in my own life. I will try reading this book and I hope I can learn lots of new thing to change myself.

  2. The first phrase, “Do you enjoy playing sports?”
    really caught my eye.

    Isn`t Michael Oher a NFL player right now?
    I have heard his name somewhere before.

    Your description of the book sounds very interesting, and
    although I am not really into reading,
    I would like to find it and try reading it.

  3. I’ve watched the film of this book and liked it very much, though I didn’t know it was originally a book.
    I was a cheerleader for the American Football tTam, so I’m interested in reading this book!

  4. I have seen the movie version of this book, and I just couldn’t stop crying. Have you watched it? And I am very interested in reading it, too!
    I liked the illustration of Michael first too nice to even hit the enemy for the defence, turns to be a strong man who would defend well to protect his team mates. Is that scene in the book, too?
    I thought this story was really touching, how he became a great football player meeting with his new family who loved him!
    Again, I am totally going to read it!!!

  5. Hey. uhh…
    So I was reading your article and I find it really interesting on how even the greatest country on Earth, the United States, also have many minorities struggling everyday to just live. From my experiences in California, USA, it is really interesting how taking one wrong turn can put you right in a ghetto, with many minorities just staring at your car.

    I have not read “The Blind Side”, but I did see the movies when I was back in the States. I felt bitter from that fact that there were people living in the ghetto, when across town there were people who were filthy rich and refer to the ghetto as “the other side of town”. The family who took in Michael was very generous.

    I agree that “The Blind Side” is a very emotional book that connects family, sports, and poverty together.


  6. Your entry was very interesting! It made me want to read the book immediately.

    I have seen the movie several times because I was truly touched by the whole story. I was moved by the generosity of the family who nicely accepted Mike and how Mike overcame his obstacles with the family’s support. Since “The Blind Side” is my favorite movie, I have been wanting to read the novel since I ever found out that this was based from a nonfiction book.

    Have you ever watched the movie? If you have, were there major differences from the novel? I do not want to be upset reading the book and thinking that some parts of the story has been exaggerated. I would rather be touched by the movie, and not read the book and be shocked if it has been exaggerated. Hope the book is the same as the story!

  7. Many football players often face big conflicts in their lifetime. It might be an injury, or a family issues like Michael. But when they overcome the problem, they become a great player.
    Most football books are about famous players and are usually written for adults, but this book is written for teenagers and from a teenager’s point of view.
    This book will attract many people, including me. I will try to read it very soon!

  8. Hey!
    I saw the movie and it was fantastic. Probably, I saw the film over ten times.
    The movie was so good, I was looking for the book version.
    Reading through your explanation of the book, it seems like it’s pretty similar to the film. Are there scenes that’s mentioned in the book and not in the movie? If there is, I would love to try it.
    Are there any recommendations from the same genres? If so, please let me know!
    Your my man, Kazzzzz!!

  9. Hey, it’s Tatsuta. lol
    I’ve always wanted to watch the movie of The Blind Side, but I never got the time or the chance to. I’ve never read the book, either. Your review made me want to read it because it’s nonfiction and I’ve seen him before on TV. It would be very interesting to get to know about the life he had in order to be able to stand on the gridiron where people from around the nation come to watch.
    Your review was very convincing. And please defeat the Panthers.

  10. Hi Kyama35. The book cover caught my eyes, so I read your entry. I like watching football and after reading your entry, it really made me want to read that book. I heard from my friend that there is a movie based on that book, and he loved the movie so I would like to watch the movie as well. I’m not that much of a book person, but I might as well challenge myself with reading it. I hope I enjoy the book.

  11. I have seen the movie before but I haven’t read the book. From reading your summary, it seems basically the same as the movie. Have you seen the movie? If you have, was the book different from the movie? I really enjoyed the movie so I want to read this book and I think people who are fans of NFL will enjoy this book also.

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