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Classic Sci-fi

What is utopia? What is dystopia? The book , Giver will ask you these questions throughout entire novel. In the world of Giver, people are regulated in many ways. People can’t get married with the person they want to, people can’t see colors, and people can’t nurture their own children.  Although reader thinks of this world as very abnormal world, they think of this as normal thing. The different society is the main point which grabs the reader to read this book.

Jonas, the main character was chosen to be the “Giver” who receives the memory from the past. He receives the memory, and knows about the world before all the control happens. Jonas starts to get changed, and wonders it the society he lives in is in right form of the world. What I like from this book, is how Jonas, the main character tries to fight against the whole society. He runs away from his society, with a baby called Gabriel. Jonas leaves his friends, family, and everything. Jonas fights to the world, for what he believes. The book doesn’t give readers the clear ending. It leaves us to think of the answer to the question.

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  1. This seems like a good book. I like reading dystopian stories, and those with blurred/interesting endings… Thank you for introduncing this book. The cover looks very unattractive so I would’ve never even bothered to check it out.

  2. I have read this book before and I really liked it. I usually don’t read fantasy book but it was really easy to follow and is still one of my favorite books.I want to figure out if the way I thought this story ended will change if I read it again. Since I read it in 7th grade, I thought I would want to reread this book now.

  3. I read this book about 5 years ago and I recall that it was a good book. I also felt that this is a mysterious book indeed. I was able to find out my own ‘theme’ for this book back then, but I am sure that if I read it again today, I would receive a different impression.

    If I have a chance, I would like to read ‘The Giver’ again as a ‘brand new’ book.

  4. I am very interested in this book because I want to know what real happiness is, and what we don’t see right now. I am interested in what kind of miracles that humans nowadays have, and how valuable human rights are. I cannot imagine what a distopia feels like, nor what a utopia is like. I am immensely attracted by the originality of the book, and therefore plan to read it soon.

  5. I also read this book a few years ago. When I read this first time, I couldn’t grasp its theme or meaning, for words such as utopia and dystopia sounded very abstract to me at the time.
    Reading the summary, I found it interesting how the author connects the world in the book to the real world. I think that the way the author indirectly criticizes regulated societies that exist in the real world. I plan on reading this book again because I think I would get totally different feelings and thoughts from it.

  6. I this book for an English assignment when I was in middle school. As you wrote in your entry, this book has a unique setting which makes readers interested in the book.
    I like how you think about the main character, Jonas. A little boy fighting against a whole society makes readers really get lost in the book.
    However, I also like the symbolism in this book and how it is used. I want readers to pay attention to the symbolism and enjoy reading this book.

  7. I read this book long ago and thought it was fabulous! I was small so I thought it was hard that time but I think it is perfect to read it now. This book tought me: what are friends? What are things? What is society? This made me think deeply and consider how people move in society. This book told me lots of important things and how weighty those things are.

    The part I liked was when the main character gets memory from the Giver. The writer writes it in detail so that makes me imagine it clearly in my mind. That makes the book more interesting.

    The Giver is a wonderful book filled with unique stories. I want to read it over again. Try out if you haven`t read it before!!

  8. I’ve also read The Giver, and I like how you wrote this post to describe/introduce it! Your post was very straightforward and talked about how they can’t see colors and how their marriages are arranges, which really gives readers (of your post) an understanding of the sci-fi world Lois Lowry created, though it is a bit of a bookspoiler.
    Also, I like how you wrote about how people living in the story feel – like how they think of their world as normal.
    I remember how The Giver really fustrated me, with it’s puzzling ending and all that, until I found out that there’s a sequel to it!

  9. Hey Oguro, it’s Tatsuta. haha
    I’ve heard about the book and seen it several times before, but I’ve never read it. I didn’t know it was such an interesting book. There are many movies and books where an isolated village is actually very different from the world outside, but this sound the most interesting out of any of them. I wonder how the people from the village felt when they finally saw the world surrounding theirs. Your review made me want to read the book sometime.

    Wishing you guys luck with football.

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