Posted by: saber3 | February 4, 2011

What About Adult Books?

I chose to read Cross because of the author of this story, James Patterson. This author wrote the Maximum Ride series and that was for young adult books. When I found out that Patterson published an adult book, I wondered how the story will be carried out. Since I do not read adult books often, I thought this was a good chance to try one.

The main character Alex Cross, a detective who is called by “dragon slayer” gets involved into a crime scene. A mysterious killer, who will become Alex’s enemy, kills his wife. Alex starts with his search on the mysterious killer. As he search about this man, he figures out how much danger he is in and that he might involve his family too…

Since reading this book, I started to try out more adult books. Now, I think young adult books are not that interesting as it was before. If anyone is trying out some adult books, the Cross series are good to start.



  1. I enjoyed reading your entry about this book. Recently, I read my first James Patterson novel, Along Came a Spider. At first I was pretty baffled by his writing style. Patterson keeps his chapters very short and uses the shortness to make sure that us readers are tempted to keep on turning the pages. Although I got used to the style, that style did make the book an easy read compared to other adult novels. For me, his novels are easily accessible and interesting to read. If you enjoyed reading Cross, I strongly recommend Along Came a Spider.

  2. I just finished reading one of the series of Cross, “Four Blind Mice” and that was my first time reading it!
    I really enjoyed the book and also thought the same thing as you, that adult books are more interesting.

    Is this the first book of the series? I’m looking forward to read this book!

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