Posted by: verde31 | February 4, 2011

My Favorite Vampire Book

I recommend reading the Twilight series if you are looking for a fantasy love stories, because this book is all about it, and you just can’t put the book down when you started reading them.

One of my favorite books in the Twilight series that I want to recommend the most was the third book of the series, Eclipse. I liked it the best, because the fighting scenes in the story were thrilling, and was written in details so it made me feel like I was actually in part of the story.

Eclipse is about the newborn vampires being created by a vampire named Victoria, whom is trying to kill the main character, Bella for her revenge for getting her partner killed. The scene where Bella gets nightmares about Victoria trying to kill her is very frightening, since the author wrote Bella to see her dream realistically.

The way Stephenie Meyer writes the story makes the readers feel like vampires do really exist and that she knows all about them, so I think that is the reason why that makes the series popular, and loved by many readers.

I recommend reading the series if you want to know how vampires might live if they exist right now at this moment, and what might happen if vampires date with human even when they drink human blood to live.



  1. I didn’t read this book but I saw the movie so I will write a comment. It was mainly about a human and vampire’s love story with lots of problems. Everyone in the town tries to avoid the vampire boy, but the main character Bella goes to talk to him and they start to like each other. The reason why this book is very attractive is because there is one more character that also likes Bella. But he is a wolf. Their relationship gets complicated and it goes on. I would like to read this book later on.

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