Posted by: uchidatakahiro | February 4, 2011

Brainy Thriller

Looking for a good read? Not satisfied with your book? Getting bored of reading? Well if you are, I’ve got the right book for you. The Da Vinci Code, a thrilling and stunning book. Author Dan Brown is pure genius. He has to be one of the smartest writers in the world. Dan Brown has other books but this is the best out of all.

The Da Vinci Code is the best thriller and there’s nothing better than this. It is a fascinating brain teasing adventure with many twists. The Da Vinci Code is a blend of history, suspense and mystery. There are surprising codes hidden in the art of Leonardo da Vinci with astonishing secrets and they will all be revealed. Unique, creative characters make this book interesting and satisfying. 

This will be a reading experience unlike any other novel. The exciting, fast paced, intelligent story line will keep you sucked into reading and you will never be bored of reading. It is an outstanding read from the beginning to its unexpected conclusion.  



  1. The Da Vinci Code has been one of the books that I have always wanted to read, but I heard that the reader has to have knowledge about Christianity in order to understand the book. So I was wondering if you had any problems understanding some parts of the book while you were reading it.

  2. Sounds like you really enjoyed this book! This is one of my favorites too, and I (kinda) like the movie too.
    It’s such a shame that some of the historical information used in critical puzzle solving in the book is somewhat twisted, and the devices, like the codex, wouldn’t really work in real life. I felt that the book relied too much on suspension of disbelief.

    But still, if one were to ignore the inaccurate facts and just enjoy the plot, then I agree with what you say!

  3. Hello, I read the review of The Da Vinci Code and found it very interesting. I have seen the trailer for the movie version of this novel, and I thought it seemed thrilling as well. I am also interested in the secrets of the famous artist Leonardo Da Vinci, and I am excited to find out how the clues from the art intertwine with the plot.

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