Posted by: sakurabobbit94 | February 4, 2011

Ah-mazing Gossip

              Finding a book that is un-put-down-able for a teenage girl isn’t the easiest thing in the world. However books like that exist and are totally amazing. The Clique, by Lisi Harrison, is a great book for a teenager in search of a fulfilling, laugh out loud, but light story to read. Every reader will be compelled to read it and will make anyone addicted!! The Clique, just as the title says, is a story of the eventful lives of four rich, cute, pretty, all time famous teenage girls. Massie, the Alpha of the group, who is the queen of fashion and leadership, Alicia, the beta and the totally sexy, full of gossip chick of the school, Dylan, who is the source to the celebrity world, and Kristen, the soccer maniac and the genius with A plus grades. The Pretty Committee, which is what the girls call themselves, had a perfect life as the future Alphas of their school, and Massie had been happily running her clique, until Claire Lyons, a total LBR(Loser beyond repair) moved into her guest house. From that moment on Massie’s life was falling apart all thanks to Claire, who had the worst sense of fashion and was no match to the ultra perfect Pretty Committee.

   The 5 girls encounter many problems in their new life, from small things like the mismatch of their lip gloss and their clothes, to the betrayal of friends, lying to be ‘in’, and most of all, they learn that true friendship must be earned, not forced. The Clique is a fantastic book that you can just not put down. The events that follow one another are truly entrancing and the unexpected twists that Lisi Harrison has made in the story makes it even more fascinating. A book that teenage girls will definitely luh-v and readers who found books such as, Gossip girl, The A-list, Secret of my Hollywood life, L.A Candy, ah-mazing then you will absolutely love the Clique!! The Clique consists of 14 books and many more and is a series you don’t want to miss!



  1. Your blog made me want to read this book so badly!! And i was SO looking for a “un-put-down-able” book to read since I get bored sooo easily. I love how you described each of the “Pretty Committee” members. As you might of noticed, I don’t enjoy reading books that much but this book seems so fun to read. 🙂 Thanks for writing a great summary without spoiling it at all!

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