Posted by: mayaxoxo | February 2, 2011

Why Did She Have to Die?


Every teenager has problems.

About friends, family, studying, sports and etc…

But have you ever had a problem that will make you think of suicide?

 The book Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher is about a girl Hannah who committed suicide and left cassette tapes to a boy Clay. In all seven tapes, Hannah explained the reasons why she had decided to die, with the names of people who had hurt her exceedingly.  Once you start reading, it makes you want to read on more and more to know about what actually happened to Hannah. The book shows how people’s feeling can be hurt with one action other people takes and how much it is important to take care of people around.

I loved this book because it contrasted very well the dark side and bright side that teenager has. After reading, I realized how happy I am to have wonderful friends and family who will help me when I had problems. I was surprised to know that this book was written by male author, because the story told very deeply about girl’s thoughts and feeling.

I want every teenager to read this book because it might change your life and your friend’s life.  Don’t take your eyes off from the serious problems you have.



  1. This book sounds really interesting!
    Especially the fact that the novel is written by a male author makes me want to read it.

    • To Riana:)

      Yes, I was amazed by how the
      author knows a lot about
      girls! You should read this book! 🙂

  2. Sounds like a scary book, but makes me wanna read it!
    I really like the way you write! (:

    • To Rina:)

      Yeah, it was kind of
      scary but I really
      liked it! Thanks!
      Rina chan:D ❤

  3. Your review was very interesting, and by the time I finished reading your review, I wanted to read the book. I became curious about this book because I’ve never really read books that involve the dark side, so I thought I wanted to challenge myself to read it this time. I think that bullying is becoming a big problem in schools in Japan right now, and some people actually commit suicide as a result of not being able to handle it. Also, I wanted to read the book and find out reasons why the main character Hannah decided to die. The review you wrote was easy to understand, and as I read on, it made me more interested in the book!

  4. I have never thought of committing suicide so I can never imagine about it but I thought, if I read this book I might could imagine and think seriously about suicide. I thought leaving a tape was a clever thing because then you can tell the truth and also the people who were left can know who had hurt you.
    I would like to read this book someday. This blog was very easy to understand!!

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