Posted by: midokino | February 2, 2011

Maximum Drive of Sense

           Even I could read this book, Maximum Ride: Angel Experiment. This does not mean that this book is easy. I mean that this book’s contents are fantastic. I was the kind of a person who didn’t read many English books, since I am Japanese, until I met this book. It gave me a huge impact to my general idea of English. I used to think that English books were hard, and not interesting. Only Where the Red Fern Grows was enjoyable then to me. But this book’s speedy and inspiring situation made my hand automatically turn the page.

           This book would be in the genre of science fiction section, but it is mostly action styled, and it also contains the so called “romantic comedy” element. Although the setting of “hybrid human” or “manmade- human” would likely to contain contents about the dark and nasty side of the science, like human experiments, this book does not emphasize the side. Author denies the negative atmosphere by adding action and gag to the story.

           This book is not an academic book. But this does not mean that this book is wrong. This book is much more interesting than those video games, or TV shows. If you really like fiction books, I bet you will like this book, so just start reading it today!



  1. I have read this post and I was very interested by it!
    Like you, I don’t really read English books….or rather I don’t read much.
    But I was intrested in this discription that you have made for “Maximum Drive of Science”.
    you have said that this books contains about the dark side of science, such as human experiments, but as the whole book, it does not have the negative aura by adding some comedy in it. And that really pulled my attention, because I’m interested in science fiction books, but some books contain too much dark and negative aura in the book that would stop me from reading further on. But with some comedy added in, I might be able to enjoy reading to the end!!
    Thank you for putting a post on this book! or I would have never met this book!

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