Posted by: yuyat816 | February 2, 2011

Important Theme and History Behind the Story

     Want to read heartwarming story? Finding a historical fiction book? Then this might be the perfect book that you are trying to find!    

     Harper Lee, the author, based the trial in the story on the actual trial that happened during the early 1900’s. In the book, Tom Robinson, an African-American man, is accused of raping a white woman named Mayella Ewell although he is innocent. You might wonder if a similar event really occurred; a trial called the Scottsboro Boys trial occurred in 1930’s which are really similar to the trial in the story. In the trial, it shows the discrimination against African-American people at that time in the U.S. and how unfair people were violating the human rights.          


     To Kill a Mockingbird includes many wonderful themes that are important and useful in life. One theme of this book is “people should not judge people based on who they really are”. One character named Boo Radley has a rumor of being mad and violent. But the main character, girl named Scout, finds out that he is really a nice guy and the rumor about him were not true. Although Boo Radley is suspicious since he stays in his house and does not speak much, he gave Scout presents and saved her life from getting killed.

     Another theme that is present in this book is “presence of the social inequality”. There are families in the story like Cunninghams who are poor farmer and Ewells who are also poor and hated by townspeople that are treated differently because of their social status. But African-American people were treated more harshly in this book by discriminating them and accusing them for doing something they didn’t do. Scout’s lawyer father named Atticus was different from the others because he treated everyone equally and defended the African-American man in the trial although other has offended him for doing it.

     This book is now read in most of the high schools in the U.S. and also turned into a movie. To Kill a Mockingbird is available for checkout and movie version is available to be seen in the C.C. so check them out and see the movie!




  1. I read this book for my English class in the States, and I really liked it as well!

    Though the main topic of this book, discrimination, is really heavy, I believe that it is something that we all have to face to repent the actions that people took in the early 1900s. Concerning our everyday lives today, discrimination does not seem so realistic, and it is hard to believe that such things were happening less than 100 years ago. However it is in the history and we have to understand how certain people were segregated only because of their races.

  2. I’ve read this book and it made me think about discrimination deeply. The thing I like about this book is that it doesn’t only tell you how African-American people were treated badly but also other things about human rights. For instance, Boo Radley was thought to be depressed person but he gave Scout presents and she gradually finds out that he is actually a nice person. Therefore this book makes you think a lot afterwards.
    Why do we have stereotype? Well, I think they just don’t know who they are and usually haven’t had any experience of interaction. Therefore, nobody has right to discriminate against people because they are not seeing the personalities inside those people. Also, it’s written from Scout’s perspective, which make the book easier to read because you can explore the theme with a naive and innocent mind.

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