Posted by: rikii3 | February 2, 2011

 The Next Best Seller

Some books need loads of imagination for the book to be interesting. An example for these books is the Percy Jackson series. The first book is called Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan. Reading this series is similar to watching a movie rather than reading an actual book. I don’t enjoy reading much, but when I read the Percy Jackson Series, I cannot put the book down. The story is fast-paced, so if the reader misses a few pages or a few chapters, the reader may be completely lost in the story. This is one of those books that must be read word for word. Also, there is extreme action in this book than any other book I’ve ever read. The action in the story is written with detail so it is hard to keep up with the action. But if the reader reads carefully word for word, the reader will be able to feel the action in the story with detail. Because of these actions, reading this series requires a lot of imagination. If the reader does not have a lot of imagination, the reader will not find the book interesting.

Another thing about this series is that it is divided into five parts. Unlike Harry Potter, the series is rather short and each book in the series will end very fast. As the series continue, the books become longer with more action. The author made it easier for the reader to stop reading the series if you don’t like the first book. However, if you like the book, as the series go on, the book will become longer for the reader. The reader might read the first book and might just stop reading the series.

The Percy Jackson Series takes the reader to a whole entire new world. This book can be said to be the next Harry Potter series. It has originality and it is nearly impossible to predict the next thing that is going to happen into the story. Unlike Harry Potter, it is not mysterious but it is a lot more adventurous. I recommend this book to everyone who hates to read and everyone who loves to read.

The Lightning Thief



  1. It was very touching.

  2. Great recommendation. I’ll try reading this book.

  3. I am looking forward to read this book, I read “The Lost Hero” which is the another book by Rick Riordan, but I was completely lost in the story. It took me at least 2 month to completely understand the story. After I finished the book I noticed that “The Lost Hero” was not the first book in the series. The first book in the series was the “The Lightning Thief”.
    I also think that the action in the story was very fantastic, because “The Lost Hero” had a lot of action scenes that caught my attention. I read many fantasy books that had many action scenes like “Harry Potter” but comparing them, it was totally different.
    I was thinking of watching the movie first then reading the book, but in the description it said that reading the book is almost the same as watching the movie so I am going to read the book.
    Thank you for posting this book review.

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