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Chronicles of Ancient Darkness

     They are clever, noble creature who cooperate with their pack brothers/sisters and are obedient to their leader. They become fierce when other animals or even wolves from another pack, trespasses their property. Away from this world of wolves, one boy and a wolf live together and overcome the severe danger they face in the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series.

     Torak finds a wolf cub after facing his father’s death. Although they weren’t very close at first, their bonds became stronger and stronger. The two of them becomes a “pack”, and Torak plays the role of lead wolf.

     Not many people can actually speak to the animals. It is a peculiar skill, it sometimes scare others around them. Torak have this skill and he can speak wolf tongue. “Wolf” is a calm, intelligent wolf with strong will to help his pack brother and to get rid of the demons which is his appointed task. A girl called Renn, has a special ability to do Magecraft that no one except for the selected Mages can afford. Like these, each of the characters in the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series is strong. Michelle Paver’s characters are all very cool. She writes each of her characters detailed so it’s easy to imagine too.

     Paver draws her principle characters, beautiful/handsome or makes them have a personality that will earn a high reputation between readers. That’s an important part of these series. Most readers love reading about characters they like and sometimes people read a series book just to read about those character. One’s attractiveness is an important element for fascinating the readers and Paver seems to be capable with this skill. Not just Torak, Wolf, or Renn, but other character like Bale and Fin-Keddin is attractive characters.

     There are total of six books to this Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series.

・book one: Wolf Brother

・book two: Spirit Walker

・book three: Soul Eater

・book four: Outcast

・book five: Oath Breaker

・book six: Ghost Hunter
It is a long series, but readers shouldn’t mind that if they are really taken to Michelle Paver’s world. This series is highly recommended for anyone who likes dark fantasy/adventure.



  1. The examples you used to clarify your point were precisely chosen.
    Intriguing plot! I’m curious about how a human boy and a ferocious wolf would end up living together.
    I agree that attractive characters can compell a reader; I experienced that when I read the Bartimaeus Trilogy.
    I might want to take a look at the series:) Nice job!

  2. I have read the first two books of this series. I am finding this series very interesting.
    I agree with the point you mentioned about the characters. I found out from your words for the first time that there aren’t any main characters that I don’t like. All of them have something that attractes readers.
    Paver’s world has a power which attracts readers and holds them there. I felt this while I was reading. I’m sure that you have felt this, too.

    I would like to read on in Michelle Paver’s world.

  3. I have also read this series, and found it very interesting. I became interested in reading these books when I read a review on Amazon that said that these books are a very good read and that everyone who likes fantasy should read it. I read these books a while ago, so when I read your review on these books in the series, I have remembered what it was about. I like the main character Torak, because he is a brave character that takes on any challenge he faces, with the help of his pack brother, Wolf. Wolf is also very brave, as he also has the courage to do anything for his pack brother, and his only pack brother.
    I agree on your opinion that each character in this book has a special ability to do something. Because of this, I also agree that this is the main selling point of the book, and that it is the main reason for attracting readers that like reading fantasy books. You wouldn’t find these kind of characters in other fantasy books. This is why I liked this particular series.
    However, I do find the story a bit complicated in a way, because from what I have read, there are a lot of things happening at one time in the book, so it is quite hard to grasp what is going on in the book. Also, when the author changes from one setting to another, I find that complicated because I have to remember what happened before that change.
    The main reason I liked this book is because I liked reading the part of the book where it was described from Wolf’s point of view, as I had not experienced anything like that in any other fantasy book I have read. The way he describes the sun and the river was very interesting, and also the way he described his pack brother. In the book, you understand Wolf’s feelings very well because it is described in detail. For example, when Torak is gone somewhere, you would know that Wolf is feeling lonely because in the book he is described as fretting and searching everywhere for Torak. I like the bond that Torak and Wolf have made; it makes the story more interesting because the usually the main character is with other human friends, but in this case, the main character is with his pack brother, which is a Wolf.
    I have not read every single one of the books in the series, but after remembering what happened in the first two books, I would like to try reading the other books in the series and maybe other books that the author has written.

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